Friday, June 29, 2012

Kicking off Summer

Wow it has been over a month since I posted last.  To say the least it has been a very busy summer already. I have several posts on my list to write but I will start with a recap of how we kicked off our first couple weekends of summer.

Our first big adventure was the weekend before Memorial Day with a tour de family. Our weekend started at my sister's for our niece, Payton's, first birthday party. It was a beautiful day so we spent more of it outside grilling and enjoying the nice weather.  Here are a couple pictures (for more check out my sister's blog).

The next day we got up early and drove to Decature for Nick's cousin. Ethan's, high school graduation. I hadn't been to a high school graduation since my own and needless to say I felt OLD!  Unfortunately it was a quick visit but it was nice to see everyone.

Up next was Memorial Day weekend.  Two of our very good friends, Katie and Brandon, came to town for the weekend.  We had a great weekend cooking out, mini golfing, and winery visiting!  We only managed to get a couple pictures but here is a glimpse of our weekend.

Next up was a bit trip to Michigan for the Barber/Garcia wedding, but I think that deserves a post all it's own and I promise it's coming soon!