Monday, April 15, 2013

Going Green

In early March we ended up with a random Saturday with nothing planned.  This doesn't happen very often so we decided to finally get around to tackling the guest bedroom.  We bought the paint probably almost a year ago and it had just sat in the corner of the room waiting to be used.  So with no other plans we jumped in and started clearing out the room and got to painting.
A reminder of what it looked like before:

Up until this point all we had done in this room is hang some stuff on the wall, replace the door and install blinds and a light fixture.  

Organic Garden

Yes, I am aware that in the pictures it looks a little like baby poop green.  I was a little worried about this after we started but I tried to be patient and hope for the best and as you will see in the final pictures it looks much much better with furniture and things on the wall.

We also decided that if we were going to paint we would replace all the old floor boards and try our hand at some crown molding.  This part was less than fun but the end result looks pretty good.

Then it was time to move all the furniture back in.  The room sat like that for almost a month because our weekends returned to their normal state of craziness.  Finally this past weekend we found some time to hang things on the wall and finally get the room to almost finished.

Nick and I have both been blessed with the opportunity to travel abroad to several pretty cool places: Thailand, Dominican Republic, Ghana, Ecuador, and Chile.  We both have a bunch of souvenirs from our travels and we thought this room would be a great place to display them.  With such an eclectic bunch of stuff I was worried it would look cluttered and random, but we are pretty pleased with how it turned out:

We still have a few things left to do: put pictures in that frame above, paint and rehang the closet doors, build and hang a few floating shelves on the wall opposite the bed but it has come a long way from its boring old self.