Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Green Seats!

Last night Nick and I experienced a first for us:  The Cardinal Club and Green Seats.  For those that don't know these tickets include a pre-game buffet that had yummy things like stuffed pork roast and buttery potatoes and fondue.  Once you get to your seats there is another menu of more ballpark like food including a bacon wrapped hot dog (which let me tell you was AWESOME!).  Our seats were first row literally right behind home plate.  It was a great vantage point to watch the game, but knowing that we were constantly on TV was a bit nerve-wracking.  Who wants to be on national television stuffing their face with a bacon wrapped hot dog??  Here are some pictures from the night:

look I even wore just a little bit of red!
pre game meeting
Bacon wrapped hot dog!
the view
The nice group of old men sitting behind us took this picture for us.  It was also there first time sitting in the green seats and I think at least one of them was on the phone with their wives and/or children the whole game asking if they were on TV.  They were quite entertaining.

We also had a request to wave for the camera and one of our friends caught it on their DVR.  There were also a couple of foul balls that came right at my face and my reflex was to duck and cover even with the fence.  Those around me were quite entertained by my reaction and I'm pretty sure it was also on TV at least once.
Yep I'm that girl!

It was a beautiful night for baseball and we had a great time!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Derby Party: I'll Have Another

This weekend Nick and I threw our first Kentucky Derby party.  It was a great afternoon of wonderful friends, amazing food and some friendly betting on horses.  Nick as well as two of our friends were the lucky winners picking the horse named "I'll Have Another" who pulled ahead at the end and won the race.

Unfortunately my camera is still MIA but I did manage to remember to take a few pictures on my phone (please excuse the poor quality):

Waiting for the race to start-Amanda is sporting an awesome purple hat

watching some pre-race coverage
Nick and I all dressed up for the occasion

We also managed to squeeze in a little Cinco de Mayo celebration with some Mexican food for dinner with those that were still around.  It was a great day that we think we will have to make an annual McGeehon Tradition.