Thursday, May 2, 2013

Garden Time

We decided to plant a garden again this year and hopefully it is a bit more fruitful than it was last year.  Last year our herbs did awesome but everything else was kinda blah.  We did end up with about 30 tomatoes at the very end of the season that I had to pick green.

So we learned to love friend green tomatoes and green salsa!  We are hopeful that this year we will have a better return.  The tree we cut down last year will allow for more sun and I am praying it isn't as hot and miserable as it was last summer.  

We spent one Saturday cleaning out the bed and getting it ready for planting.  

Then the next weekend we planted and Nick built this awesome fence.  Much nicer than the ugly chicken wire we used last year.

The space is a little bit bigger this year because we removed some bushes from along the side fence so we have a few more plants.  Here is hoping we get some good "free" produce!