Monday, November 15, 2010

Who Knew Engagement Rings Were So Smart?

Who doesn't love opening a trashy magazine and finding a quiz entitled "What your shoe choice says about your personality" or "What your handbag says about your spending habits"  Well I received one of my many weekly wedding emails and in trashy magazine style this week's had a link to an article titled "Engagement Rings: What Your Engagement Ring Says About You".  So of course I clicked.  According to this article the type of engagement ring you want or in my case have can tell you everything about your style, relationship and wedding...who knew!  I found this all the more intriguing because Nick was very proud of the ring he purchased for me (reminder I had absolutely no input but was also very proud of the job he did all by himself).  So to refresh your memory here is a picture of the ring:

Simple, round solitaire.  So what does that say about me, you ask?

Round Engagement Ring

Your style: Traditional. You always look utterly put together.
Your relationship: Bottom line: you're marrying your best friend. Here's to a lifetime of sharing inside jokes and having someone really get you.
Your wedding: Relaxed, romantic and unfussy. It takes a lot of planning to make things look this effortless, but you'll pull it off.

If you recall Nick's post "The Ring" he chose my ring because "[It] reflects some of the great things about Martha. It is simple and its traditional..." So I guess Nick got that part right.  I'm not sure I always look put together let alone utterly put together, but I can aspire to do better at that if nothing else.

The other two I think are right on.  That describes our relationship quite well and the description of our wedding being relaxed, romantic and unfussy is exactly what we have in mind.

So maybe these crazy articles have a bit of truth in them after all.

If you are curious what your ring (or dream ring) says about you, here is the link


  1. Mar, thank you for posting the link - you knew as soon as I saw this I was going to want to try it! :) Beautiful job to Nick on the ring, by the way!

  2. this is so cool! as i have yet to meet Nick, i love hearing the description (as determined by the engagement ring style quiz and also by you) of your relationship! i'm so happy for you both!!!