Thursday, May 26, 2011


Wow I have been pretty bad lately- sorry!  I can't really even say I have a good excuse other than we really haven't been doing much of anything. The invitations are at the printers, I have a hair and makeup trail scheduled, and an alterations appointment scheduled so really at this point it has been just a lot of nothing exciting to report. 

This week, however, has been a bit exciting-  First today is officially 100 days until our wedding.  How are we celebrating?  Well, friends of ours are getting married this weekend and their rehearsal is tonight so that is how we are spending the big day!

In other news- there was an addition to our family this week.  Yesterday, my sister and brother-in-law added a little girl to their family.  Her name is Payton Charlotte and here are a couple pictures (because who doesn't love pics of babies).  The pics are all from when their three-year-old, Emily, met Payton for the first time

We are going to visit this weekend after the wedding so hopefully we will have more pictures then.  And of course there will be lots of wedding pics of both of those adorable little girls. 

While it wasn't a very wedding-y post I hope you enjoyed the baby pics and here is to 100 more days!


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