Friday, January 11, 2013

A Murphy's Law kind of Christmas

**Sorry I know it is almost mid-January and I'm just now getting around to posting about Christmas, but I'm still not sure I have recuperated fully from our holiday which I think you will understand after reading the next few posts

You know those days when nothing seems to go like you planned?  Well that was pretty much how our Christmas went. We had great, grand plans for this Christmas.  It was going to be busy and probably stressful, but we had a plan and it was going to be great!  And happened.  I will spare you the gory, gross (and I mean gross) details but needless to say it was not a picturesque, perfect Christmas.  That all being said, however, I do think we were reminded of one very valuable lesson this year- Christmas is less about the where and the what and more about the who.  Regardless of all the things that went wrong we were blessed to be surrounded by wonderful family and in the end that is what was important.  Here are some pictures (from my brand new fancy pants camera that Nick gave me) Mostly just pictures of cute kids- I promise the grossness what not caught on camera:

Christmas with the McGeehons:

Christmas with the Leaders/Kingmas:

Somehow I missed pictures of Emily opening presents probably something to do with 15 people opening presents = chaos.

After Christmas was our big trip to Texas for Sara & Will's wedding and some adventures.  I am hoping to have a post about that early next week.


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