Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Learning New Things...

If you remember way back when I wrote a post about Life Goals and one of the goals was to learn something new.  Well I did it- I learned to knit!  My first project was nothing pretty. I was mostly just knitting for the sake of knitting and hoping it turned into something.  My goal was a pot holder, but somehow I managed to not even be able to accomplish that and it looked like not much of anything. (Sadly I forgot to take pictures and I left it at my sister's house over Thanksgiving).  But every new skill has to start somewhere right?  I just bought some new yarn and my new goal is a scarf.  We shall see how that goes and I promise to post pictures of that!. 

Inspired by my learning of new skills, my friend Darcie and I spent our Friday night in a very interesting way.  We attended a lingerie making party (I know but there was free wine!).  I was inspired by my new knitting to start sewing again and what better way than with some friends and some wine.  Well it didn't exactly turn out like we had hopped.  I didn't take any pictures but there are some pictures on Darcie's blog here.  So probably not something I will ever ever wear but I got to play with a fun sewing machine and maybe it will inspire me to start sewing more often. 


  1. so... knit lingerie?!?! seems like that would itch in all the wrong places!

  2. Haha no the lingerie wasn't knit but still wasn't the most flattering thing in the world and will probably never ever actually be worn but we enjoyed ourselves making it and in the end I guess that is all that matters