Thursday, January 20, 2011

Making Progress...

We have been steadily crossing things off our list the last couple of weeks.  We had our first meeting with a florist, my bridesmaids have all tried on some dresses, and we have started working on the save the dates.  More details on all those soon but one thing has been completely finished and crossed off.  Our wedding website is finished!

Check it out:

ps. Sorry for the short/boring post- I promise more detailed posts soon.


  1. What a beautiful wedding website!! YAY! I can't wait to check it all out, but I love the theme, so pretty!

    Also, I found a beautiful and too expensive navy blue dress that fits fantastically at Macy's this weekend. I did not buy it, but I really wanted to. Any chance I could wear it to your wedding? Do light bearing folks have to wear a certain color?! Please advise, I definitely want to stay in theme if there is one. And because it is your day, I will wear whatever color you want (but also would love an excuse to buy a dress that I should not be buying, lol!). :)

    Can't wait for future posts! Love you, Mar!

  2. i want a blog post! i want a blog post! i want a blog post!