Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Pretty Pretty Linens

First- I apologize.  I promised more blog posts and I failed. I don't even have a good excuse.  We have had a ridiculous amount of snow days lately which would have been perfect for blogging but I failed and didn't get it done :(  The good news; however, is I got lots of wedding stuff accomplished on my snow days which means fun blog posts (as long as I actually write them!)

Before Nick and I left for Christmas we stopped by our linen vendor to pick out some linens.  The hotel is providing some but their prices on chair covers were really just insane and I couldn't stomach paying them that much.  I found a dealer that would give them to us for 1/3 of the price the hotel was and even cheaper if we put them on ourselves-SCORE!  Nick being the trooper he is came with and when we walked in I was a little overwhelmed by our choices.  It probably didn't help that there was an adorable miniture brown poodle bouncing around the store, yeah I have no idea either.  He was awful cute but full of energy and a bit distracting.  Luckily once we told the saleswoman what we wanted our choices were narrowed significantly and we decided on white chair covers with blue sashes.  The room will look something like this:

 Our sashes are more organza looking like the one below, but I wanted to provide a sense of what a room full will look like. 

Ok so I know that was a pretty boring post which is why I didn't post about it 2 months ago when I crossed that off my list.  The real reason for this post is because subconsciously I have apparently become obsessed with linens.  I have had multiple dreams about the lines not being correct.  In one dream we arrived to the reception mid cocktail hour only to discover the chair covers and table clothes were in a pile in the corner of the room and the tables were just set on the ugly wood table top. I of course did the classy thing and kicked everyone out of the room so I could put all the linens on the table before dinner.

In another dream our reception was in a high school gym for some reason and I stopped by before the wedding to check on the progress and found tables set up in a U shape (you know typical college discussion setup) and several church ladies (from my childhood) putting table clothes on the tables.  The real problem was not the set up of the tables; however bizarre that was it was, it was that the tablecloths they were using were not floor length.  I started to have a panic attack when one very sweet church lady said "Oh, honey it will be ok. I have this box of afghans that we will put under each tablecloth so you wont be able to see people's feet"  Very sweet of her, but these were very ugly mismatched afghans and well they were afghans....not going to work!

Not really sure what my obsession with linens is really about but I think it is a bit strange...

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  1. well, mar... we always knew you were a little nutso, and i think you're having a severe case of bride brain. my prescription: a glass of wine & a cupcake before bed. LOVE YOU! can't wait to see all the details come together!