Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ring Indecision

Nick told you about the purchase of my engagement ring in this post and to refresh your memory here is a picture
It is very simple and classic so one wouldn't think it would be difficult to find a wedding band to match.  How wrong I was.

One of the reasons Nick purchased a solitaire in a simple setting was so I could change the setting if I wanted to.  So in early October Nick and I and I were killing time while Wrigley was getting groomed and stopped by the jewelry store he purchased my ring at to look at wedding bands.  When we first started looking most of the rings that jumped out at me were sets which would mean I would have to change the setting of my engagement ring.  At first I was o.k. with that idea and Nick had planned on me doing that all along so he was on board with that plan as well.  I even left the store that day with some ideas similar to this one:

The problem was the more I wore my ring the more I fell in love with it and really just couldn't imagine a different setting on my finger.  Keeping my setting, however, limited my choices in wedding bands. So I put off the decision for a while until last month I was in the store to get my ring inspected and decided to take another look around and see if any of the simple bands jumped out at me.

Here are a few that I was leaning towards:

in yellow gold
 I liked that this one provided a bit of interest but ultimately decided I didn't think it would work well with my engagement ring so this one was crossed off. 

 Then I was leaning towards one of the two following rings:

 Both of these rings looked beautiful with my engagement ring I just wasn't excited about them.

In the midst of all this shopping I saw this ring on one of the blogs I follow:

My first thought when I saw this ring was that it was really pretty but not really for me. However,  I found myself coming back to it over and over again.  I was drawn to the little bit of color and the overall simplicity of the band but still wasn't sold.  A couple of weeks went by and I couldn't stop thinking about this ring so I showed it to Nick thinking he would hate it.  To my surprise he didn't and suggested changing the turquoise for a different stone, possibly emeralds.  That was it - I was sold!  So I went back to the store to see if they had anything similar and this was the best they could do: 

Really not going to work.  I didn't like the square look or the embellishments on the outside of the setting and the other problem was my only option for stone were blue or pink sapphires.  As most of you know I hate pink so that was out and as beautiful I think blue sapphires are I was in love with the idea of a green stone.

So now I was a bit discouraged and tried to fall in love with other rings, but everytime I looked I just kept coming back to the turquoise ring.  So what is a girl to do?  Well it turns out my cousin is a jeweler who specializes in custom jewelry.  Im not sure why I hadn't thought of him sooner.  We had already talked to him about taking Nick's grandfather's wedding ring and making it into a ring for him so why not see if he could make one for me too? I think for some reason I was hung up on the idea that my wedding band had to come from the same place as my engagement ring and as wonderful a business as that is everything there just felt like I would be settling and since I will be wearing this ring for the rest of my life settling just didn't seem right.  I needed to have this ring so I emailed my cousin to get his opinion and he said he could do it!  We are still working out all the details, but it feels good to have one more thing just a bit closer to finished.

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  1. it sounds like your ring will not only be perfect, but ONE OF A KIND--like you! congrats to you, my lovely friend! so happy for you and can't wait to see the ring on your lovely finger!