Friday, February 11, 2011

Hotel Drama

Our first potentially catastrophic thing happened this week.

Wednesday afternoon I got a message from Nick that said "call me at work when you have a minute." I thought it was strange but wasn't too worried.  Then I found out the reason he wanted me to call him was because he had just called to hotel to follow up on an email that we had sent about a week ago and not gotten a response on.  When he called the hotel he discovered that the events coordinator we had been working with was gone and we would now be working with someone new.  I tried very hard not to panic because we had been very diligent in making sure we had everything in writing but part of me was still panicking a little bit.  As strange as our first coordinator was she had been good about letting us do what we wanted and giving us deals and I feared the new girl wouldn't be quite as accommodating.  Nick set up an appointment for Thursday evening so we could go over the questions in the email and meet the new coordinator. 

Again like I said I was trying not to panic but then he told me that she also told him they no longer allowed candles.    Insert freak out moment here!  We had decided on centerpieces and they included candles.  Not just candles but floating candles so the little flicker light tea lights just weren't going to cut it. 

We did meet with the new coordinator last night and it went well.  She is going to honor everything we have in writing (thankfully we found all our emails- I knew I was a compulsive organizer for a reason).  Some things are a little up in the air and that freaks me out a bit, but I feel more confident with the new girls memory and organizational skills than I did the last person so hopefully it will all work out.

Now it is just back to the drawing board on centerpieces....

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  1. take a deep breath and remember that it will be perfect because it is the day you will marry Nick!