Monday, June 20, 2011

Wedding Wall

Two weekends ago Nick and I drove to Indiana for my 5 year college reunion.  As part of the festivities the girls I lived with in college decided it was a good time to have a bachlorette party for me.  It was a great time and wonderful to see some friends that I hadn't seen for a while. After that weekend I spent last week seeing lots of people I don't see all that often which of course led to lots of wedding questions and I found myself not having lots of answers.  (I will post pictures from the weekend soon-but today is a different topic!)  We are at a point where all that is really left are detail type things.  For months I have been saying I would get around to those once school was out.  Well school has been out for almost a month and I have done nothing, nor have I found the energy to get started on anything.  Now I find myself saying- I will get to that in July.  Then I realized- yikes- that only gives me 2 months maybe I should start now.  I think part of my problem is just not knowing where to start as well as having so many different inspiration pics for the wedding details that I just can't decide what to do.  Anyway maybe I have hit a Wedding Wall- maybe I just really don't care as much about little details as I did 10 months ago or maybe I will wake up tomorrow and be super motivated to get stuff done. Like one wise friend of mine said last week- "at the end of the day it won't matter if you have those things- the wedding will still happen and you will still be married"  But really I suppose I should get my butt in gear and finish things like the flower girl dress, so the poor kid doesn't have to walk down the aisle in a paper sack. 


  1. oh mar mar! don't be so hard on yourself! have nick do it--since he obviously isn't writing his blog! but seriously, enjoy the process and do things as you're inspired; otherwise, if you force yourself into it when you're not feeling it, it'll probably be kind of a miserable experience... and that's not what it should be!

  2. Sorry, MarMar! I think I was one of those people asking all the questions! I just can't help it now! Who knew I was so interested in floral arrangements?! :) Like Katie Ann said, I hope you do find your enjoyment in all of this again, though. Just remember how you felt in the beginning - so excited and giddy! :)

  3. @BritTap26
    no need to be sorry you asked good questions and gave me so new ideas to think about. Really I just need to get my butt in gear and find some time to focus on wedding stuff. Ie stop working so darn much :)