Thursday, June 30, 2011

Showers of Love

In the last month I have had two amazing showings of love by friends and family.  The bachlorette party/DePauw reunion weekend that I mentioned in the "Wedding Wall" post and promised pictures and my first wedding shower in St. Louis. The bachlorette party was thrown by my amazing bridesmaids, Sara, Jenni and Katie and the shower was thrown by my dear friend Darcie and my sister.  Both were such an fabulous chance to spend time with lots of people I cherish.  It really is amazing how loved a girl feels when all of her favorite people are in one place.  Here are a couple of pictures from both events:

Lucy Girls at Bachlorette Party

Showing off Tany's new bling

Nick and I back at DPU

Late night run to Taco Bell and Walmart- just like old times

My very first shower gift (it arrived on my doorstep from a friend who couldn't
make it to the shower)
Opening presents at the shower

Thanks for such amazing memories everyone!


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