Wednesday, October 5, 2011

When Life gets in the way of Blogging

Wow where does the time go?  We have officially been married for a month now and been homeowners for 2 weeks and I have not been a very good blogger about either.  We have been busy little bees, sadly not with house stuff just life in general.  It has been a busy Fall already and there is no end in sight to the craziness.    We have also had lots of wonderful visitors at our house since we moved in which has made it difficult to find time to take pictures of what the house looks like now that we have most of the boxes unpacked.  (I tried to take another video the other day but it didn't turn out well at all so I will work on that and hopefully get pictures at the very least up soon).  In the mean time I will leave you with pictures from our first Cubs/Cards game as a married couple:

Nick wondering why it matters if we take a picture to commemorate the moment

yikes that is a bad picture but it was the best I could get out of Mr. Uncooperative!
And the good news is the Cubs won that game.  They then proceeded to give away the next two games to the Cards but at least we got to be there for the W!

I can't tell you when but I promise soon I will post either wedding pictures or house pictures.


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