Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Problem with Pictures

Right after the wedding, in this post, I mentioned that I wasn't sure I had the words to describe the incredible wedding weekend.  I have tried several times to come up with the words but there was just so much emotion packed into such a relatively short period of time I am not sure it will ever be possible to truly sum up the weekend.

We are incredibly lucky and our photographers work very quickly and already have our pictures posted.  While I was trying to come up with the words to describe the weekend, I kept telling myself once I get the pictures the words will come.  After spending hours going through our pictures multiple times I have to be honest the pictures were a little bit of a let down. Let me explain what I mean.  I am not saying that I don't love love love our pictures or that our photographers were a let down because I do absolutely love the pictures and our photographers were absolutely wonderful!  What I am saying and I had heard other brides warn against is that as great as pictures are they will never truly describe the amazing moments, emotions and memories of a wedding.  Those are the things that will just have to live in the minds and hearts of those that shared the day.  So all of this is to say that I will probably never have the exact words to share exactly how I felt that weekend.  However, the great thing is that I don't have to have the right words because every time I take a minute to stop and think about the wedding or something reminds me of something that someone said or did over the course of the weekend, my heart truly is filled with absolute joy and at the end of the day that is all that matters.

Don't fret though because I do still plan on doing lots and lots of wedding recap posts full of pictures (cause there are some absolutely amazing ones- both from our photographers and from our amazing friends) and the best words I can find to describe the weekend.  If you just can't wait that long you can check out the pictures online here.  I must warn you though that there are a LOT of pictures and it takes a long time to get through them all so if you would prefer to wait for the cliff notes version via blog posts I promise to get started on those soon!


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