Saturday, August 28, 2010

True Love Inspiration


Yesterday my grandparents celebrated their 62nd wedding anniversary! That number just takes my breath away.  These two people are two of the most amazing people I know and have always been an inspiration for true love and commitment. As long as I can remember, I have looked to their marriage as what it really means to be in a loving committed relationship.  Married in 1948, these two have faced six decades societal changes and economic events together. Not only that, they raised 6 girls the oldest seperated from the youngest by 16 years. They have mentored 12 grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren. Additionally they have provided a loving home for countless 4 legged children. For those of you that have wondered, this is where my love of the 4 legged creatures come from!

Growing up I spent many of my summers at their house and everyday my grandpa would sit down at the dining room table for breakfast and look at my grandma and tell her how much he loved her and they would "Cheers" their juice glasses.  To this day they still hold hands and my grandpa refers to my grandmother as "Darling."  Through all these outward signs of affection you can still see on their faces how much they truly love one another.  

Nai and Pop thank you for all you have always done for me and for being a true marriage inspiration.  As Nick and I embark on our life together, I can't think of two people more fitting to aspire to be and model our relationship after!


  1. And don't forget counting out each other's pills in the breakfast routine :) That is one of my favorite Nai and Pop memories also.....

  2. oh mar mar! that is such a lovely story. major congrats to your grandparents!