Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Adam Sandler...what???

So I had my first weird wedding dream last night.  I have been warned by many a bride before me that this was inevitable. Nick has already had a few himself but last night was my first foray with this wedding side effect.  And let me tell you it was very bizarre!

On to the dream (or at least the parts I remember):

I woke up in my parent's house in my bedroom as it was when I still lived there in my little twin bed the day after the wedding.  Nick was no where to be found but there was a small stack of pictures from the night before.  I started flipping through the pictures and to my horror my dress was AWFUL!  It was very very poofy, with a lace jacket and a weird 4-tiered veil...gross.  I get up and go searching for someone to explain all this too me and who do I find?  Adam Sandler, Matt Lauer, and Molly Shannon (I really have no idea what the 3 of them have in common).  All were apparently guests at the wedding and were still hanging out.  If that wasn't odd enough I then see approximately 50 children playing on a slip and slide in my parent's backyard.  Turns out Adam Sandler is a counselor at the YMCA camp and he couldn't get off work to come to the wedding so he just brought all the kids with him!  The last thing I remember is having an intense conversation with my good friends Matt and Molly about how rude it was that Adam thought it was ok to bring all those children with him, but if they were here we might as well join in the slip and slide fun. 

I guess it was more of an after wedding dream, but weird nonetheless.  I really have no idea what that means or if I really want to know what it means.  I thought I would share so all of you could enjoy my craziness as well and if you are lucky there will be more where this came from. 

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  1. hmm... i think this means that you will have a gorgeous wedding and a lifetime of happiness with your husband-to-be!