Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pretty Things: St. Patrick's Day

I have recently hit a wedding planning wall.  I don't necessarily think it is a bad thing but it obviously effects the frequency of posts on the blog.  I think the wall is more due to the fact that we are about 6 months out and all of our big vendors are booked which just leaves my list of little diy projects and things like programs and ceremony scripts which can't be done for a little while.  None of this is necessarily a problem, except it leaves me with very little to blog about, which I know makes all of my readers very sad.  So I am going to attempt to start at least a weekly pretty things post because even though I'm in a lull doesn't mean I have stopped blog stalking :)  Most of the posts will probably be wedding inspiration related but who knows other fun things may creep in.  So without further ado here is a little green St. Patrick's Day inspired eye candy:

And now just for fun:

1 comment:

  1. if you could please have a beer fountain at your wedding, that would be great.
    also, even though your wedding inspiration is a little thin doesn't mean that we don't want to know about your life!!
    and let you fiance know that he can post pretty things too if he doesn't feel like writing.