Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What's in a Date

Note: This post probably illustrates just how much of a nerd I am, but I am a-ok with that!

Another blog I read frequently had a post about what historical events happened on her wedding date which inspired me to look up historical events for September 3rd.  I found this cool site: Historical Orb where you can search by date.

I came up with a huge long list of 206 things that have happened on September 3rd (who knew it was such a popular day) starting in 36 BC with the Battle of Naulochus, Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa, admiral of Octavian, defeats Sextus Pompeius, son of Pompey, thus ending Pompeian resistance to the Second Triumvirate (yeah, I have no idea what that means either).

The list also includes many inconsequential things like in 1951 TV soap opera "Search for Tomorrow" debuts on CBS or in 1962 Mickey Wright wins LPGA Spokane Golf Open or both the Carolina Panthers and the Jacksonville Jaguars lose their 1st NFL games in 1995.  However, it also includes somethings I found to be interesting:
  • 1189 - England's King Richard I (the Lion-Hearted) crowned in Westminster (just cause it was the first thing/person on the list I had actually heard of!)
  • 1752 - This day never happened nor next 10 as England adopts Gregorian Calendar. People riot thinking the govt stole 11 days of their lives.  This also happened in the US the same year and September 3rd became September 14th (How weird would that be to go to sleep on the second of September and wake up on the 14th- I could see how that might be a little uneasy)
  • 1783 - Treaty of Paris signed (ending US Revolutionary War)
  • 1838 - Frederick Douglass escapes from slavery disguised as a sailor
  •  1895- First pro football game played
  • 1904- St. Louis Olympics closes (This was also known as the St. Louis World's Fair or the Louisiana Purchase Exposition and the Olympics became overshadowed by the other events planned.  We also hope to have wedding day pictures taken at the World's Fair Pavilion in Forest Park so a fun little wedding connection)
  • 1912- World's 1st cannery opens in England to supply food to the navy
  • 1925- 1st international handball match held (cause who doesn't love some good handball)
  • 1940- 1st showing of high definition color TV
  • 1971- John Lennon leaves UK for NYC, never to return (cause who doesn't love some good John Lennon)
  •  1984- South Africa adopts first constitution
  • 1986- Astros & Cubs use a record 53 players in an 18 inning game
  •  1995- eBay founded

So I know a lot of those were totally random but I thought they were interesting (see I told you I was a nerd).  There were lots of other things on the list mostly sports or government related history and some not so pleasent things like the starting of battles or natural disasters, but we just aren't going to think about those things and think about all the interesting things that have happened on September 3rd with one more very cool thing being added on 9-3-11!

Hope you enjoyed your history lesson for the day.

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  1. nerd alert! nerd alert! THIS is why i love you so... and why you and nick are a perfect couple.