Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pretty Things: Baseball

As most of you know Nick and I are huge baseball fans (if only we could agree on a team!).  Today is Opening Day of the baseball season so I thought it only fitting to do a baseball inspired Pretty Things post and who knows some of these things may just be making an appearance at our wedding!

Some of these are a little to theme-y  for my taste but who knows there may be some hidden baseball surprises involved in our wedding!

Happy Baseball Season- and as always- GO CUBBIES!


  1. two things.
    1) please don't wear cleats.
    2) how will you raise the children? cubs or cards?

  2. @Katie!

    1) do not worry that was one of the things I was referring to that went a little too far with the theme

    2)That is an ongoing debate- if I get my way they will of course be Cubs fans! However, sadly we live in St. Louis so it is going to be an uphill battle from the start

  3. #2--You can totally win that battle....don't even think about giving in! Remember all of the clothes your children are inheriting are blue and red!

  4. haha! glad to hear about the cleats... and the Cubs. Nick owes you BIRTHING your future children. the least he can do is let them be Cubs fans.