Sunday, April 3, 2011

Pretty Things: Our Flowers

When I started posting the weekly pretty things posts I mentioned that we were in a bit of a planning lull.  Well I lied! Not really lied I guess but forgot that there were several things that I never posted about, one being deciding on our flowers and booking a florist.  It seemed fitting to make this a "Pretty Things" post because what is prettier than flowers.

When we first started planning I had decided that I thought we could just buy flowers from a wholesaler and arrange them ourselves to save money.  Nick convinced me that maybe we should at least meet with a couple of florist to make sure it was really worth it.  Thank goodness he did because we found a very reasonable florist who has been amazing to work with and is really flexible and willing to put up with my millions of changes and our budget restrictions. I think it will greatly reduce my stress level the week before the wedding and be worth every penny.  I am really excited to work with Jenny at Floral Jaz.  We first met with Jenny in January.  We came with just a couple of pictures and she sat with us for about an hour and talked through everything and had great ideas of what might work for the look we were going for.  Here is the original inspiration photo we brought with us:

My bouquet will look similar to that with roses, hydrangeas, spider mums, berries and we are adding some blue cornflowers:

The bridesmaids bouquets will be a similar structure including the grass loops but will be a mix of daisies and buttom mums.  It will look similar to this bouquet but the daisies will be smaller and have green centers. The bouquet will also be a tighter fit like mine. (It also wont have the weird bling in the picture):

The rest of the flowers will be a mix of those above in shades of white, green and blue.  So there are our flowers!

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  1. congrats on crossing yet another thing off your to-do list, mar mar! it must be such a relief to know that you'll have the flowers you dreamed of without the stress of doing it yourself!

    ps: something prettier than flowers, YOU!