Thursday, April 7, 2011

Let Them Eat Cake!

I have a confession to make: I don't really like cake!  Shocking, I know.  As a kid I used to eat the frosting and leave what I referred to as "the fuzzy part" (really appetizing I know) on my plate.  As my palette matured I really stopped even caring for the frosting all that much too so if I have to choose a dessert cake is probably always going to be my last choice.  So really picking the wedding cake was not high on my priority list. I am, however, open to the fact that other people enjoy cake and would be disappointed to show up at a wedding and not get cake, Nick included.  So have no fear we will have cake!  Our contract with our reception site actually includes a contract with a local baker for our cake so we didn't get to spend weekend after weekend in a sugar comma going to every bakery in town to choose one, which again I was a-ok with! I had a small collection of inspiration photos (Just because I don't like to eat it doesn't mean I don't think they are pretty).  Nick and I sat down Friday night to go through my stack of ideas and decided we wanted something like one of these below:

So Saturday afternoon we took our inspiration to Wedding Wonderland.  We walked into a showroom full of decorated Styrofoam cakes.  They were pretty busy but we finally found someone to help us.  She told us that our contract with the Holiday Inn included any of the cakes on the showroom floor.  If we wanted something other than one of the cakes on the floor it would cost us on top of the contract.  Honestly, my heart sunk just a little bit at that moment.  While I didn't really care about the cake in the grand scheme of things, I know what I like and didn't want someone to tell me I only had a few options to pick from.  However, not caring enough to pay extra we started wandering the showroom.  We immediately found a few cakes that actually weren't so bad and I could like.  We quickly narrowed down the 60-some cakes down to 4:

And the one we picked:

Ha- totally kidding!  Not sure I can imagine any occasion where that is the cake I would pick.

Seriously here is what we decided on:

Ours will only be 4 tiers instead of 5.  The black tier will be royal blue and the swirls will be green. 

We also got to decide on what flavors we wanted our cake to be.

We sampled 6 different flavors:
yellow with strawberry filling
chocolate with fudge filling
white with raspberry filling
banana with no filling
carrot with cream cheese filling
strawberry with no filling

We decided on 3...can you guess which 3??  I will give you a hint- 1 of the 3 doesn't have any filling.


  1. banana?? Please tell me you picked banana!?! It is my most favorite cake in the world! And Chuck would be pretty psyched by the yellow....

  2. my mouth is watering already! you know how much i love the cake!!! yet another thing crossed off your list, and you're blogging like CRAZY! i LOVE it... someone has to make up for your blog-slackin fiance!

  3. @Chuck, Sarah and Emily
    you got 2 of them right...the question is what is the 3rd?

  4. @Katie!
    He is a slacker and I apologize for that...I will see if I can get him to write a post about anything this weekend (I offered to let him post about cake but he told me to do it because it would get done faster)

  5. I realize that I am a bit late on this, however, if there is only yellow cake with strawberries and banana cake, I will be needing to bring my own cookie or something, Mar! You know how I feel about fruit in my desserts (and if you forgot, how I feel about it is: IT'S JUST WRONG!). Please tell me chocolate made the list... PLEASE! :)

    On the other hand, the cake will be GORGEOUS! AWESOME CHOICE! I'll be very happy to look at it! And I agree with you, cake in general, not my favorite, so I understand your dilemmas! :) Love you!