Thursday, April 21, 2011

What Could Have Been?

I was sitting at work today and realized that when we first started talking about wedding dates we had discussed April.  Now that I am here and still more than 4 months out from the actual wedding date all I can do is wonder "What were we thinking?"

First, while we do have most of the big things taken care of (found the boys suits this weekend- another thing off the list!) we do still have lots of little things to get done.  I feel like I have been a pretty low stress, low maintenance bride-to-be (I hope you all agree!) but I am not sure if I would have been able to be so mellow with such a short planning time line.  

And second, we have had a pretty weird April weather wise. Not that we could have controlled that or can even control what the weather does in Sept, but it makes me happy that I didn't have to stress about the fridged nasty weather we have had this month.

So while there may be days when I wish it was just September already so I can be done with wedding planning this was a nice realization that maybe September being 4ish months away from now  isn't such a bad thing.

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  1. And now April and almost May too are gone! We're so close! Can't wait (for the wedding AND new posts - hint, hint!) :) Also can't wait to see you at the reunion and for your bachelorette!!! LOVE YOU MAR!