Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dressing my Momma

When I was on Spring Break a couple weeks ago I had a long list of little wedding tasks that I wanted to get done including helping my mom find her dress.  We had originally planned on her coming to St. Louis because we have a lot more stores to choose from but then I decided that because they would be making so many trips to St. Louis in the next 6 months it only made sense for me to make the trek home.  So bright and early Monday morning my sister and I left her house to drop off my niece at school and pick up my mom for a fun filled day of shopping.

The objective: Find something fun, comfortable, and cute that wasn't too formal and fit into the feel of our wedding.  Nothing about our wedding is turning out to be super formal so it just didn't make sense for her to have a typical "Mother of the Bride Dress" like this:

Side not: Why is it that the models who model "Mother of the Bride Dresses" always look like they are hardly old enough to be brides let alone the mother of one? But anyway I digress... This just really wasn't the look we were going for.  We decided to start at JC Penny's thinking they would have some nice dresses and because my mom shops there often they would probably have somethings in her style.  My sister and I wasted no time pulling lots of dresses off the rack that we wanted her to try and before long I think we had at least 10 dresses for her to try.  Unfortunately I wasn't thinking and didn't take any pictures but here are a couple of the dresses from their website she tried: 

We liked the color of this dress but not the actual print...the flowers were just weird so-VETO

Again loved the color and she said it was really comfortable, but the fit wasn't as flattering as some of the other dresses-VETO

This one we paired with a cute cardigan  and we liked the color and cut of this one much better than the previous two but in the end it too got the VETO

It came down to these two dresses in the end:

Both of them looked great and were a good color.  I also felt like both of them would fit in perfectly with what everyone else was wearing.  We decided both of those were definite possibilities but decided to go see what else we could find.  Unfortunately the other stores in that mall had zilch.  We could have drawn out the process and tried to drive all over the world going to little boutiques and other stores but decided that since both of those were such strong contenders and very reasonably priced it just made sense to pick between the two.  In the end we decided to go with the blue dress.  We felt like it would compliment the bridesmaid's dresses well, it was comfortable and she could absolutely wear it again so it was a win-win! 

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  1. you're mom is going to look so beautiful in the blue dress! congrats on yet another thing crossed off the list! i'm sure you guys had such a great time shopping and bonding. can't wait to see everyone all dolled up on the big day!