Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Baby Bucket List

Now that Nick and I have been married almost a year the most frequently asked question we get asked, I am sure comes to no surprise, "When are you having kids?"  Actually some people started asking us that question pretty much the day after we got married but they shall remain nameless :)  My usual response is either "someday" or my favorite response "Its at the end of our 5 year plan, we just haven't decided when our 5 year plan is going to start."  The real answer however, is just that there are a few things that we would like to do before we are responsible for a tiny human.  On one of our many road trips lately we decided to make a list of all the things we would like to do before having a baby;

Our Baby Bucket List: 

  1. Both of us would like to complete a Triathlon
  2. Finish the basement
  3. Go on another all inclusive vacation
  4. Pay off debt
  5. Learn to kayak
  6. Leave the hemisphere 
  7. Lose a combined 60lbs
  8. Go to Vegas
  9. Vacation with friends
  10. Nick wants to relearn to play the piano
  11. I want to relearn to use my sewing machine
Now we both know that somethings are out of our control and people have unplanned babies all the time.  We also know it is probably unlikely we will accomplish everything on our list but we figure we are much more likely to at least accomplish some if we don't set goals! 

We will keep you posted on our progress and until then we are happily living baby free!  


  1. That is quite the list---Em and P want playmates not kids to babysit!! ;)

  2. i will gladly help you accomplish numbers 8 & 9 ;)

  3. i will gladly help you accomplish numbers 8 & 9 ;)