Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Bye Bye Mr. Kookaburra

or at least your sweet gum tree.  If you don't know that reference it is from an old preschool song (this was the least annoying version I could find!):

Anyway we have 2 sweet gum trees in our yard, one in the front and one in the back.  If you have never experienced these annoying little trees in the fall they drop these prickly little balls all over the yard: 

They are a pain to clean up in the yard and they really hurt when you step on them.  Basically they are very very annoying.  I'm not usually a fan of cutting down trees but this tree had to go.  So a couple weeks ago we hired someone to come cut down the tree in the backyard.  (the one in the front yard we think might belong to the city so we are still working on that one)

Here is what the yard looked like when we moved in:

The sweet gum tree is the one on the left.  It did provide a lot of shade which we enjoyed but the annoyance was enough to make it go.  The guy that we hired does this as a side job so he broke the process up over a couple of days.  First, down came the branches

Even Nick helped:

The next morning all the branches were gone

but our yard was a bit of a mess

Nick and I cleared the yard a bit and made a nice big pile of branches 

and we had a nice clean yard

and the branches were all chopped up

then it was time for the trunk to come down

and finally grinding out the stump

Our yard went from this

to this

Lots of ground up mulch so we still need to plant grass and make it look like a yard again but at least there will be no more gum balls all over the place.  

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