Monday, July 2, 2012


The first weekend in June, Nick and I packed up and headed to Grand Rapids, MI for my dear friend Brittany's wedding.  It just so happened that my grandparent's house is a little more than halfway there so we decided to leave St. Louis Thursday after we both got home from work.  We drove to a hotel near their house so Nick could work Friday morning and I could have breakfast with my grandparents.  I didn't get to spend a ton of time with them, but it was nice to see them and enjoy some yummy pastries.

Around lunch time Nick and I continued North.  Our first stop when we got to Grand Rapids was to swing by the airport and pick up Jenni and Tyrone.  The four of us then headed to the hotel.  All of the wedding events were in the same beautiful hotel, The Amway Grand Plaza.  After we checked in we still had a few hours before the rehearsal dinner so the four of us headed to the hotel restaurant to kill some time.  On our way back to our rooms to get ready we ran into the wedding party in the lobby.  We couldn't resist our first photo opportunity even if some of us were still a little under dressed.

Clearly we needed to step up our game a little, so we headed upstairs and quickly changed for dinner.  Dinner was in a beautiful restaurant at the top of the hotel.  Once we all arrived we decided a picture redo was in order.

It was a beautiful evening celebrating the happy couple's last night before wedded bliss began.

The next morning Nick and I were up early and decided to explore Grand Rapids a bit.  The hotel was just across the river from the Gerald Ford Presidential Museum.  Anyone who knows my husband knows that we couldn't be that close to a Presidential Museum and not stop by.

Nick and I with Mr. President

This was actually a ballroom at the hotel, but we couldn't resist a picture
After we got back from the museum we met up with Jenni and Tyrone for lunch at a local yummy restaurant called "Taco Boy" and then we wandered around a local art fair that was happening downtown to kill some time before the wedding.  Then it was time for the big event!

The beautiful bride and groom

The pictures really don't do justice for what an absolutely beautiful day it was. We had such a great weekend celebrating with all our friends and it was a great mini-vacation to kick off our summer.  Congrats Tany & Gabe- we couldn't be happier for the two of you!

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  1. I HAD NO IDEA THERE WAS A #BANDGWED POST?!?!?!?!!!!!!! Thank you so much for sharing in this weekend with us, Mar and Nick! We loved being able to celebrate with you! And also, I LOVED just looking through your pictures of the weekend! (p.s. GRFord was the bomb - I'm glad you went to the museum!) :)