Monday, January 23, 2012

Pinterest Challenge: Kitchen Drawers

Months and months ago two of the blogs I read regularly Young House Love and Bower Power issued a Pinterest Challenge.  The premise was basically to motivate themselves and others to actually do some of the projects that we keep posting on Pinterest.  (Which by the way if you haven't discovered Pinterest it is one of the coolest inventions ever and I may be slightly obsessed so you should go check it out).  My food board has the most pins and I do regularly make recipes from that I have pinned but I must admit that most of my other pins were just looking pretty.  So I finally decided to do something.  I had pinned this picture:

and our drawers were a hot mess:

We had attempted to use a store bought utensil organizer for the silverware drawer but it just wasn't working and we hadn't found any others we thought would do the job.  DIY time it was.  We basically just bought some plywood and cut it to size and then glued it into the drawer.  Nick was excited for an excuse to use his power tools:

The messy glue process:

This was the hardest part of the project and in hindsight we probably should have bought thicker wood so we could use screws or nails to secure the dividers.  I was just worried they would take up too much space in the drawer and not leave enough space for the silverware.  The glue also isn't as secure as I would have hoped so we will see how long it lasts. We may end up picking up thicker wood in the end anyway, but for now here is the finished product:

Much better if I do say so myself!  Like I said I'm not sure how long the glue will last so we may have to start over but either way we will probably also end up painting them at some point so they look more cohesive.


  1. This makes me giggle...Chuck did almost the exact same thing with our drawers this weekend :)

  2. whoa! these look AMAZING! I totally agree - pinning food and actually doing those recipes is definitely the thing I do the most of on pinterest! but I have also already started to do some of the things I've pinned for the wedding, so that's progress! I love your diy drawers, though! I'm not a huge diyer (shocking, right?!), but I am excited to try some of these things once I have a home to try them out on! Good for you, Mar Mar!