Tuesday, August 23, 2011

As if a wedding wasn't enough

11 Days from right now Nick and I will be married!  It is hard to believe that it is already almost here.  I really don't know where the last 13 months went.  Nick and I have been busy finishing up last minute wedding things, but really for the most part I feel like we are pretty prepared.  Which is a good thing because there has been something else that has been occupying our time for the last month.....

Buying this: 

Yep that is right 2 weeks after the wedding we will be closing on a house!  

Wanna see the inside?  Here is a little video tour I took on my camera when we first looked at the house.  
1.Please ignore the terrible camera work- I am no pro.
2. Ignore Nick and our wonderful realtor (btw anyone in STL who is in the market for a realtor we have a great one to reccomend!)
3.  It is only 3 bedrooms apparently I forgot that I went into that other bedroom already
4.  Not sure why I finished the tour with a shot of the closet.  I think I may have been thinking that was the door to the basement.
5.  Obviously no basement on the tour, there isn't much to see down there just yet.  It is completely unfinished, but we have lots of ideas for making it a great space.

So once I am done blogging about wedding life I will have a new project to blog with.

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  1. i love this! i'm so excited for you guys... and i'm relieved to know you will have another project to focus on. i was worried you'd go crazy with free time after the wedding! can't wait to see you so soon!