Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Wedding Week: The state of our poor house

For a while now our house has started to be a bit of a disaster.  We are accumulating things for the wedding as well as wedding gifts and have quickly run out of places to put things.  Not to mention the craft supplies and projects in mid stage that have taken over the dining room table, really the house is a disaster.  Which as most of you know is not normal for us.  Both of us are generally very clean and organized people so the state of the house has been causing a bit of anxiety I think for both of us.  I think the only saving grace is that rather than putting things away eventually we are moving so we can just leave it all in boxes and find a new home for it at the new house.  If you promise not to judge I will show you some pictures if for no other reason than to prove to those of you out there who have made reference to my OCD cleanliness that it does happen even to us:

dining room
storage room filled with wedding gifts and wedding stuff
as well as the lovely tower of empty boxes

guest room
There really is wedding stuff everywhere and sadly I don't see my life getting back in order anytime soon.  I guess I will just have to find a way to live with the chaos.


  1. it says a lot about how organized you really are that this is what is causing you anxiety just a few days before your wedding!
    try to just take lots of deep breaths, close every door possible, and remember that you get to open all those presents!!!
    can't wait to see you SO SOON!

  2. Mar, you have no idea how much I currently identify with your pain. Our new apartment looks MUCH the same. I seriously was crying yesterday when I started to realize that we just don't have room for our stuff. (As a brief aside, my advice for moving is: never move to a SMALLER place, it just doesn't work). Anyway, I hope that both of our anxiety subsides soon as we need to be ready to have A BLAST at your nuptials!! :) Can't wait!