Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wedding Wishes

A couple weeks ago I posted about our invitations and promised a post with some of the our favorite responses.  We got lots of wonderful heartfelt advice that made getting the RSVPs back even more special.  Here are some of the highlights:

"If each of you will put the other first you'll have harmony.  In disagreements don't accuse the other but explain your feelings.  Give each other some space to do their own thing, then share it with each other."

"No advice for Martha, only Nick...always listen to Martha.  You don't always have to say anything or make a suggestion.  Sometimes she doesn't need suggestions just a good listener."

"I'm not an expert on marriage but I was told a few things when I got married: 1)Say I love you a lot. 2)Hold hands in public. 3)Resolve issues before bed. 4)Laugh often. 5)Treat your spouse as #1"

"Nick- Always remember 3 words... 'you're right Martha"

"When those inevitable moments occur when you can't stand each other or times get tough, remember what brought you together and the love that made you say 'I Do"

"Remember to share everything with your new husband, including the housework."

And some of the more entertaining ones:

"Politics give guys so much power that they tend to behave badly around woman"

"Wishes- a baby boy....and a girl...and another boy...and another girl...and happiness.  Wisdom-a bottle of wine will solve any problem...that and telling Martha she's pretty. Advice- ditch the Cowboys and become a Saints fan!"

"We hope you enjoy the jacuzzi at the Holiday Inn! (we did)"

and this last one could only be explained with a picture:

"Nicholas, You have at least 50 years of rivalry ahead of you. GO CUBS"

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  1. that was such a great idea to have on your response cards... plus i love seeing my wisdom up there! can't wait until the big day! just bought my plane ticket!