Wednesday, August 3, 2011

You're Invited...

The invitations went out over a month ago and I have yet to post about them (and even worse I started this post 2 weeks ago and just realized I never finished it...sorry for being such a terrible blogger).  We decided to create our own invitations rather than purchasing something.  Nick did most of the hard work and gets the credit for how fabulous they turned out.  Here is the whole package together including the invitation to the rehearsal dinner:

I love how colorful they are and how they are uniquely us.  Here are each of the individual pieces:

front of reception invitation

Back of Reception Invitation/Directions and Accommodations

Reply Card

Back of reply card

We decided to do post cards for the reply card as a way to save on postage and on the added paper of another envelope.  Since we had some extra space on the post card we decided to make a request.  The left side of the card says " Don't waste all this space share your memories, wishes, wisdom, or advice with us"  This has made getting the reply cards back in the mail that much more fun and hopefully soon I will do a post with some of our favorite responses.  

The last part of the invitation package that not everyone got to see was the rehearsal dinner invitation.  The rehearsal dinner is going to be our way of including our love of baseball into the weekend and Nick's parents have come up with some great ways to make the dinner baseball themed.  We wanted to introduce the night with so here is the invitation that we designed:

So there is the whole package.  I know I am a little biased but I think they turned out pretty darn good!  

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  1. I know I have already told you this a bunch of times, but I just LOVED your invitations! Thought they were so you and definitely fabulous! This is the first time I'm seeing the rehearsal dinner invite, though and it is fantastic!! What an awesome way to incorporate your love of baseball and your rivalry! SO COOL! One month away, m'dear, one month!! :) Can't wait to see you!