Monday, August 29, 2011

Wedding Week!

Wedding week has officially begun!  

We kicked it off Saturday night with some bachelor party fun for Nick and a second round of bachlorette party fun for me (I will share pics soon).  My St. Louis friends who couldn't make it to Indiana for the first bachlorette party decided we needed to have a little fun in StL.  We had a great night of dinner dancing and fun- thanks ladies!  

Going out "dressed" in bachlorette garb was definitely a conversation starter and inevitably the "when is the wedding?" question came up  When I would answer "next weekend"  a flood of other questions such as "Wow, are you ready?" or "Are you excited?" or "Are you nervous?" would follow.  I was never really quite sure how to answer any of the questions and while I knew logically the wedding was 7 short days away I don't think it had really sunk in yet.  That was until I woke up Sunday morning and realized that the next time I wake up on a Sunday I will be MARRIED!  

5 more days....

ps if you would like to follow the wedding week fun on twitter or facebook the official hash-tag is #mcwedding


  1. I will be hash-tagging the heck out of that! Can't wait, Mar!

  2. i've been saying to myself every day this week, "this is mar's last x-day as a non-wife." and of course next week i'll be saying to myself "this is mar's fist x-day as a WIFE!" so excited for you guys!!

    also the whole "#mcwedding" thing makes me think of watching Grey's together in college... ahh mcsteamy!