Thursday, August 4, 2011

Some Call it Flowers Others Call it a Weapon

I decided instead of having our flower girl throw petals we would have her carry a floral pomander instead.  I thought it would compliment the tutus well and would just be less mess to deal with.  Here were some of the photos I used for inspiration:

I showed these to my sister/mother of our 3 year old flower girl and her first reaction was that Emily would probably end up throwing it at someone, more than likely her baby sister.  Unfortunately I was already set on the idea so I guess we will just have to hope for the best and buy Payton some protective armor.

This week I decided it was time to get cracking on making the ball.  I just bought some ribbon, a foam ball and some fake flowers.  The hardest part was getting the ribbon all the way through the ball but with some force, creativity and a wooden spoon it was finally all the way through.  Then I just hot glued the flowers to the ball.  Here is the ball about half way done:

And here it is completely finished:

The whole project probably took me less than an hour and was very easy.  It turned out to be a little larger than I thought it would be but hopefully it won't be too big next to Emily and hopefully she doesn't decide to use it as a weapon.


  1. This is totally want I want to do for our flower girl too, and I have the same concern! WAY too easy to throw that thing! I mean, it looks like a ball, and what do you do with a ball?! :) It is just adorable though, and I love that you did it in silks - it'll be such a wonderful keepsake (or weapon) for her! (We were planning on doing the same for ours - great minds!) :) Can't wait Mar!

  2. Hehe...I love the title...hopefully we will get some good pictures of how Em decides to use it...although she'll probably be naked since she refuses to wear her tutu :)

  3. so cute! can't wait to see all of the effort that you have put into your wedding come together for such a beautiful occasion! SO SOON!