Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Wedding To Do List

The remaining to do list really isn't very long, just a few odds and ends that need to get done.  A few weeks ago I had decided that last weekend would be a good time to tackle the list.  I had every intention of spending the weekend crossing things off the list, but instead we did this:

My sister's family and several other families rented a lake house not far from us for the weekend and we decided it would be more fun to spend time with friends and family.  Oh well we still have 25 days left....plenty of time, right?


  1. Plenty of time....and you have to admit the lake house was way more fun than a to-do list!

  2. Looks like it was SO much fun! And sometimes, rest and relaxation needs to get added to the "to do" list, otherwise we forget to do it! Glad you had such an awesome time with family and friends, and don't fret - there is plenty of time to do the rest of the stuff! :)

  3. it does look like a great time! and much more important that silly wedding details. what is important, is that in a few short days you'll be marrying the man you love. everything else is just gravy!