Tuesday, December 20, 2011

12 Days of Christmas (give or take a few or 11)

So about a week ago I had this ambitious plan to do a 12 Days of Christmas blog series similar to this one.  I however, am a failure and could not get my act together.  I am also not nearly as creative as Katie and have no fun crafts to post about so 12 posts was probably a bit ambitious anyway.  I did promise all of you a peak at just what Christmas looks like at the McGeehon home so without further ado:

The Official McGeehon Christmas Blog Post

To kick things off I thought I would start with a short walk down memory lane:

Our first Christmas tree together.  
Our First Christmas Card

Now a look at Christmas 2011:

Front of our Christmas Card
Back of the card
I just discovered Mixbook.com recently via Groupon but I loved that they had double sided holiday cards.

Now onto what the house looks like.  It took us a week and a half to get everything decorated and in its place.  Sorry the pictures aren't the greatest (I haven't figured out the best camera setting for pictures in the new house yet).  This will also serve as a look at what the house looks like all put together because I realized I failed and never shared pictures after we had everything moved in.

Outside Lights

Living room from the kitchen

Living room from front door

Another shot from the front door

Table on behind couch
Dining Room

The Snowman tree in the dining room


Office from other angle (check out the jersey)

Guest bedroom

Guest Bedroom from other direction

Bathroom (yes it gets decorations as well)

Master Bedroom

As you can see we haven't done any painting yet or really any big renovations but at least everything has a place and is more or less put together.  Our bedroom is probably the saddest room of all.   We are still on the hunt for a new bed spread so I have been putting off most of the decorating until we find that.  It still has NOTHING on the walls but hopefully very very soon we will paint that room and remedy the situation. I will also post about our fun photo collages that we have created soon.

Hope you enjoyed the look at Casa McGeehon in all its Christmas glory!

ps bonus points if you guess how many trees we have in our house.

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  1. First of all, MAN, am I ever behind?! There are a MILLION fabulous posts here! I LOVE IT! First of all, I counted five trees - is that right?! That's dang impressive! And if it's more than that's even more impressive! I was happy we got our one baby one up (although we too have LOTS more decorations in storage!). Also, I must say one of the things I loved about this post is that I think I saw our save the date!! YAY!! :) More comments to come!...