Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: Here Comes the Bride

A little music to go along with this part of the processional: 

Once everyone else made it down the aisle it was my turn.  I really don't know if there are words to describe the feelings at this point.  It wasn't really nerves more of excited anticipation mixed with a disbelief that after over a year of planning it was finally here.  I know that really doesn't make much sense but trust me when I tell you it really is an indescribable feeling.

Making my way upstairs 

Not sure what I was looking at (probably one of the kids)
but this was one of the best pictures with my veil

That picture I believe was taken just after the doors were closed and my dad and I were the only one's left to walk down the aisle.  Again I know the expression on my face makes me look like I am terrified but I think it really was just another rush of emotion for what was finally about to happen.  I think I was also telling myself "don't cry- you will look like a blubbering idiot and you will ruin your expensive makeup" over and over in my head
My dad and I in place 
And it begins!


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