Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: A Little Somethin' Somethin'

Before we move on to the ceremony pictures I wanted to share some pictures of some of the details.  There were lots of little things that I put a lot of time and energy into but none of them meant more to me than the few details I am going to share today: My "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue."  A few of these were very easy decisions for me and I knew almost as soon as I started thinking about it what they would be but I wanted to make sure everything had special meaning and in the end I had a few unexpected additions and changes but all of them were very special to me.

First my "Something Old"

That pearl necklace belonged to my Grandma Leader who passed away 3 years ago this month.  The pearls came from Japan and were a gift from my dad to my grandma when he was stationed in Japan with the Navy.  I really wanted a way to carry her with me on that day and I thought her pearls were a perfect way to have her with me all day.

My "Something New" and "Something Blue"

The "something new" was the hardest one for me.  Like I said I wanted all of them to be something meaningful which made it difficult to make this one happen.  I finally just gave up and decided it would be my shoes.  If you recall I was obsessed with them but then I got a few surprises that ended up being perfect "Something News"

The first "something new" was a gift from my dear friend Katie.  Just before the ceremony she gave me that beautiful pouch.  It was filled with amazing smelling potpourri.  It was such a touching gift and was a perfect way to carry her love with me.  The other 2 things in that picture were my "something old part 2" and my "something blue part 2" (turns out I ended up with 2 of each of them except my something borrowed).  The  one on the top was actually Nick's christening bonnet that his mom gave me.  It is actually made to come apart and make a handkerchief but I was too scared I wouldn't remember how it came apart so I just left it in hat form.  The one on the bottom was a gift from my lovely friend Sarah.  For her wedding she asked many of her closest friends to be her "Something Blue" and stand up with her in spirit.  She gave each of us a handkerchief as a gift.  She had a baby about 2 weeks after our wedding so for obvious reasons was unable to travel to St. Louis.  I thought carrying that handkerchief was a nice way to have her with me on the day as well.

My other "something new" and "something blue" were both gifts from Nick.  One I have had for a very long time and the other was a surprise wedding present:

Attaching them to my bouquet

"Something Blue" is the blue pendent.  Nick gave that to me a very long time ago when we were dating for the first time.  When he gave it to me it was actually a ring.  My sister also had a ring from an old boyfriend.  Her's was a ruby (my birthstone) and mine was a sapphire (her birthstone). When Nick and I broke up my sister and I decided to have our cousin make both of them into necklaces and we swapped them. Both were beautiful pieces and this way they wouldn't just sit in our jewelry boxes and they would be enjoyed. When Nick and I got back together she gave it back to me.  I wear the necklace almost every day.  I knew I wanted it to be a part of the day but since I was wearing my grandma's pearls I couldn't wear it as a necklace so I decided to attach it to my bouquet instead.  

My other "something new" was pearls wrapped around my bouquet.  These were the surprise Nick left under my pillow the night before our wedding.  He knew I was wearing my grandma's pearls but wanted to get me something special to remember our wedding day.  The gift meant the world to me and I felt bad I wasn't wearing them so I made a last minute choice to wrap them around my bouquet.  

The other things on my bouquet were also special ways to remember important people or significant things.  The angel has a very special meaning that is a long long story but was a way for me to have 3 very special people from college with me.  The opal also belonged to my grandma and the cross was a gift I received when I was confirmed.  

Lastly my "something borrowed"

The earrings I wore were borrowed from my Aunt Jennifer.  When we were dress shopping and picked out my dress she mentioned that she had a perfect pair of earrings for me to wear.  They were small and subtle but I think they were perfect.   

Even with a few surprises I think it turned out to be a perfect bunch of good luck charms.  


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