Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: The Girls Get Ready

While the boys were taking pictures the girls were in the church basement getting ready.  All of my bridesmaids met at the church to get ready and I met them there after I was done at the salon.  It was fun to just relax with some of my favorite people before the craziness began.  I think it actually gave me a sense of calm.  At one moment while everyone else was curling their hair and putting on makeup I remember stopping and thinking "at this very moment I have nothing to do but be in this moment."  Having my hair and makeup done early gave me a chance to not feel rushed and really just enjoy that time.  I am pretty sure it was the last time I felt like that all day but it was definitely a nice rush of calm while it lasted.  Here are some pictures of that part of the day:

Arriving at the church

Emily getting her hair curled

Jenni and Sara

Katie and Sara

My flowers arrive!

another shot of my finished hair from the side
Next up- I put on THE DRESS!


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