Thursday, December 8, 2011

It's Christmas Time!

Most of you know my husband is in love with Christmas.  We own at least 6 Christmas trees among oodles and oodles of other lovely decorations.  He wanted to start decorating before we left for Punta Cana (promise updates on that soon) but I am very opposed to anything Christmas prior to Thanksgiving (ideally it would be Dec. 1st but I have learned I will lose that battle so I compromised for the day after Thanksgiving).  So less than 24 hours after returning from our honeymoon we were decorating for Christmas.  It took us about a week and a half to get it all done but I think we are officially done!  In honor of this accomplishment I thought I would post my new favorite Christmas video.  In my opinion this is the best rendition of this song and brings a smile to my face that these brave men and women are defending freedom and having fun celebrating the season!


  1. While that was a very enjoyable video...I was really hoping for pictures of this Christmas extravaganza that is your house!!