Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Honeymoon Part 2: Day to Day

Monday was our first full day at the resort.  After breakfast we had an orientation meeting with our travel agency.  It was a quick session to explain some of the excursion options and special things available at the resort.    Then began our basic daily routine.  We would wake up mid morning and go to one of the 2 buffets on the resort for breakfast.  After breakfast we would usually head to the beach and spend the morning on the beach reading, napping and enjoying umbrella drinks.

Our first Umbrella Drinks!

Then whenever we got hungry we would either enjoy the lunch that was prepared on the beach or head to one of the buffets.

After lunch we usually headed to the pool and lounged around some more.  We also ended up socializing with other couples that were at the resort.

Then when the sun started to set and we were tired we would head back to our suite to get ready for dinner.  Most nights we enjoyed dinner at one of the sit down restaurants.  There was a decent variety of different types of food- Japanese, Italian, French, American, and a couple of seafood restaurants to choose from.

Desert at the Japanese Restaurant

I think this was the French Restaurant entree
 Every evening in the courtyard of our resort would have live music.  It was usually some sort of terrible combination of American Pop music with jazzy undertones (think Madonna meets Kenny G).  It really was awful but was nice to enjoy the nice night outside.  They also usually had a signature drink each night including one night drinks in pineapples!

Every night on the other resort there were also shows.  They were usually held in the courtyard and we would wander through and watch for a while mostly just for a break from the bad music.  The last night we were there, however, was what I think might have been the highlight of the week for Nick-  A Michael Jackson Show!  Let me tell you this was quite possibly the worst thing I have ever seen, but I have also probably not laughed so hard in a long time.  Here a glimpse into the experience:

I wish this gave you a true picture of what it was like, but I think it might just be one of those things you have to experience. 

That was how we spend most of the week we were there.  As I wrote this it sounded a bit boring and unexciting but having no real plans for the week and just relaxing was just what we needed and I would do it again in an instant.  


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