Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: An Amazing End!

**This post may have shown up in some of your readers a couple weeks ago- I accidentally hit the wrong button so if you already read this way out of order- I apologize

Finally it was time to get the party started and get everyone else on the dance floor.  Just for fun here is a soundtrack for this post :)

Nick and I decided we didn't want to do a traditional wedding party dance and thought a fun song would be better and just get everyone on the dance floor to kick things off.  We, however, made the mistake of not warning our wedding party of this so there was a bit of confusion at first:

but then they caught on:

We also decided to do a dollar dance:

Then came the Chicken Dance.... 

Now I had been very opposed to any group dances that were reminiscent of middle school dances and had made that clear not only to the DJ but also my family.  There was just one little 3 year old niece loved the Chicken Dance and my sister had been requesting it be played at the wedding for almost a year.  I kept saying 'not gonna happen' and had planned on it not happening.  Then the DJ came up to me and informed me that my dad had requested the Chicken Dance.  I couldn't very well deny my dad the pleasure even if he was just doing it for my niece.  Luckily as you can see all of our guests were great sports about the whole thing, and Emily did indeed do the whole dance right along with us.

And then we danced the night away:

Finally the night came to an end with our final song "Don't Stop Believing" by Journey.  This was one of those moments that you couldn't recreate if you tried and turned out to be the most amazing way to end a fabulous day.  As the song started all our friends formed a circle around us and at some point it turned into 2 circles around us and we all sang and danced to the end.  Unfortunately our photographers had just left but luckily we had some good friends who caught just a bit of it:

I know it may sound a bit cliche but it really was an amazing day that despite the bumps along the way turned out absolutely perfect and I would not change it for anything!

ps don't worry there is still a couple more posts ready for next week :)


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