Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: It's All in the Details

Oh the details!  The things that excite you most about planning a wedding, frustrate you most while planning a wedding and finally end up making a wedding truly you.  There were a lot of details that we considered along the way and ended up chucking for one reason or another and in the end I am pretty happy with how all the details turned out.  Most of them Nick and I ended up doing ourselves or had help from friends and family to get them done.  These really were in the end some of my favorite pieces of the day.  So a post dedicated to all the little details: 

Nick's Attire:

Martha's Attire:

Ceremony and Floral Details:

Special Gifts:
For each my flower girl and my junior bridesmaid and junior usher I had special gifts made for them.  I found this beautiful poem (click on the photo to enlarge) and decided to give each of them a hankie.  I asked a family friend to do the embroidery and she took it one step farther and made boxes with the poem on them for each of them to store their hankies in until their special day.  It was one of those projects that turned out more amazing than I ever could have imagined!  

Reception Details:

Thank you:
And as many of you know we also decided to make personalized Thank You notes with a DIY banner.  Here are some of the pictures from that shoot that didn't make that cut for the actual card:


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