Thursday, February 16, 2012

We Painted!

So we moved in almost 5 months ago and we finally decided to take the plunge and paint a room.  We decided when we first moved that we wanted to wait until we lived in the house for a little while before we began painting or decorating so we could get a real sense of lighting, functionality, etc.  Well a couple months ago we finally decided to paint the living room.

We decided on a khaki brown color that we could accent with pops of black, green and blue.  We already had several elements in the room that were those colors that we wanted to keep so we thought a nice neutral color was the way to go.

We also decided we needed to take off the baseboards and sand them down.  Before we moved in the house was completely repainted including the trim.  Which we really appreciated because it allowed for us to wait to jump into the projects.  However, if you recall our house was carpeted when we moved it, so when they painted the baseboards they obviously only painted to the carpet which left them in a less than beautiful state when we pulled up the carpet.  It took a little bit of work but in the end we ended up salvaging all the current baseboards so we didn't have to buy any new.  The work was definitely worth it.

removing baseboards

sanding them down

Repainting them
I actually did most of the baseboard sanding and painting while Nick did the trim upstairs but I was the only one taking pictures so it looks like Nick did all the work.  

Here is what was happening upstairs: 

Living Room in Ciaos 

Again I promise I really did help paint; I was just the only one taking pictures as well.  

I also only have one decent after pictures on my camera for some reason, but I promise more of those soon.  

In the end it isn't a huge difference but the brown definitely warms the room up and our black furniture really pops on the wall.  It has also motivated to get some other things taken care of in that room like buy a new couch, chair, rug, side table, window treatments and refinish and upholster the coffee table.  We have been working hard on these the last couple weekends without much outcome but hopefully we will have some things to report soon.    

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  1. The house looks great, Mar! I can't believe what a difference a little bit of color makes! I can't wait until we have a place of our own to paint as well (we have all white and a few grey walls, and it just is so not me... well there is nothing in our place that feels very "me," but that is a different conversation!). I'm highly impressed at all the work you were able to do! Can't wait to come visit in person!