Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day- McGeehon style

So I haven't gotten around to wrapping my head around all our honeymoon pictures so those posts haven't even been started.  I also have a few house related posts that I need to write I just keep forgetting- sorry.

Anyway given that yesterday was Valentine's Day and the first Valentine's Day we have celebrated as a married couple I thought I would share how Nick and I celebrate the day.

Neither of us are really big fans of the day so it passes with not a lot of "celebration".  In fact last year I recall going to a class at the gym at 6pm or so.  I did come home to take-out but gross sweaty me and take out really isn't the epitome of romantic.

This year we decided again to celebrate in much the same way.  Nick asked if I wanted flowers to which I responded that I did not. I much prefer that if he is going to spend money on flowers for me it is a) a just because surprise not because a valentine's day tradition tells him to and b) buys them on a day when they haven't been marked up to ridiculous prices.  Call me a curmudgeon....I'm ok with it :)

So what did we do.  Nick surprised me with a very nice letter on my night stand to wake up to and then once we both got home from work we spent the night eating this:

Pizza from our favorite pizza place, beer and banana cream pie (my favorite!).  Nick did consider getting a heart shaped pizza from Pappa Murphy's but they only came in pepperoni and since I don't like pepperoni he didn't think that would be a good idea.  We ate our dinner and spent the entire night on the couch watching "Big Bang Theory."

I know it isn't for everyone- but that my friends is my idea of the best way to spend Valentine's Day!  The only thing that would have been better would have been had I gotten a snow day, but Mother Nature has not been cooperating so no such luck.


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