Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: The Reception Begins

It was finally time to get the reception started!  We decided to do things a little bit unconventional for the reception and mixed the dances in between courses.  I am a fan of the traditional dances but as a guest I know they can drag on and be a bit boring to watch after a while so we decided to change it up a bit.  Here is how the night began:

We made our grand entrance...

and then we danced!

Nick and I never really had "a song" so we wanted to pick something that spoke to both of us that also wasn't a cliche wedding song.  We talked about this part of the reception frequently and we both just kept coming back to "Feet Don't Touch the Ground" by Stoney Larue.  Most people in the room had probably never heard of Stoney Larue at all let alone that song but thanks to our friend and groomsmen Jon, Stoney had become a favorite of ours and it just felt right

A little bit of music to accompany this post:

I think we were laughing at the fact that all of our friends are standing at the bar already :)

After our dance we sat down and got dinner started:

My mom saying grace

After salad was served my dad and I danced:

Then we served the main course- Fried Chicken and Mashed Potatoes of course!  Following that course Nick and his mom danced:

I really liked doing it this way.  Not only did it give us a chance to enjoy our dinner (something we were told over and over we wouldn't have time to do and we should just plan on not eating) it broke up the dances and gave people something to watch while they enjoyed their meal.  Once we were done with the traditional dances it was time for cake so check back this afternoon for that post!


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