Thursday, February 23, 2012

What's Happening at Casa McGeehon

I mentioned in the painting post that we have been motivated to "complete" a room specifically the living room which includes purchasing some things (new couch, chair, side table, rug, window treatments) and diy projects (refinishing coffee table and maybe some other art).  We still haven't made a ton of progress but some things have happened.  None of them really significant enough to warrant their own post but here are the little things we have been doing to make our little house a home in the last couple weeks:

Hanging things on the wall:

We started by messing around with different arrangements on the floor

The final arrangement we decided on.  Who knows if it will stay like that forever, we may change our minds, but this is what it looks like at the moment.

Buying a rug:

Returning said rug: While we love the colors and we were trying to be bold it was just too much for our small living room.

Buying lamps:  We saw these lamps when we were furniture shopping and they matched the plan in my head for the bedroom. We decided to buy them even though at that point we still had not found a bedspread or anything else for the bedroom.

there is also a matching one on Nick's side of the bed

Finally buying a bed spread:  We have been looking for a bed spread for a very long time and nothing was quite right.  We had been looking at this one at target for a while and finally decided it was the closest to the one in my brain so we bought it:

And then returning it:  Once we got it home we decided it wasn't really the color we wanted and it was going to be impossible to find matching sheets so we decided to take it back.

Buying another bed spread:  We found another one the same day we returned the one above to Target.  Turns out we think this one is finally the one!  Now we just need to paint and decorate the rest of the bedroom.

Installed Blinds: When we moved in the large front window just had sheer curtains.  It was nice that they were there so we didn't immediately have to decide on window treatments; however, I personally am not the biggest fan of sheer curtains to begin with and the dog could see right through them and had taken to sitting in front of the window and barking at everyone and everything that walked or drove in front of our house.

Window Before (sorry it is a Christmas pic- this was the
best pic I could find quickly of the window)
 You could find Wrigley in that chair 90% of the time and he found it quite necessary to let everyone outside our house know he was there.  Something that would block his view a bit but still let light in was long over due.
Windows with the blinds
I still think I want some sort of curtain to add some color and break up the long wall but I like the blinds much more than I thought I would.  They are also doing a good job at keeping Wrigley's barking to a minimum!

So those are all the random things we have been up to lately.  We will keep you posted as decorating continues!

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  1. This looks fab, Mar! I love that I originally thought that you did a continuation of your wedding colors in your house, and then thought to myself, "Self, you basically planned your wedding based on your favorite colors too, haha!" Looks very you and very pretty!