Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Cake and Champagne!

Once everyone had gotten their meal and we were done with all the traditional dances it was time for toasts.  Both my sister and Nick's brother gave a toast and both were absolutely wonderful.  They made us laugh:

 and cry:

and we couldn't have asked for more heartfelt words from anyone.  Thanks Trevor and Sarah!

After the toasts it was time for Cake!

Which turned out absolutely perfectly.  I love how our topper looked and how the pop of color looked.

Most people probably missed the musical accompaniment that went with the cutting of the cake so while you look at pictures here it is to set the mood!

The quick story behind this song....long long time ago when Nick and I first started dating the first time he made me a mixed cd (wow that makes me feel old-at least it wasn't a cassette tape right?) that had this song on it and I knew I wanted to include it somehow because I think it just fits us so perfectly.  I couldn't think of anywhere else it really fit and it seemed perfect for this part of the day.

First let me tell you this was by far the hardest thing we had to do all day.  No one tells you how to cut the cake or get the piece of cake out. Seriously, of all the things we practiced it should have been this.

I think this was the point where we realized we had no idea how to get the piece of cake out or how to feed it to each other....

Seems like it should be pretty simple but as the table behind us can attest we had no clue what we were doing.  

We finally figured out the method but ran into another problem.  Nick had been warned not to shove cake in my face but what I failed to think about was that Nick sized bites and Martha sized bites are not the same size.  He tried to feed me a piece of cake that was about 3 times the size I would have eaten myself...

Finally figured it out....

One more reception post coming up this afternoon!


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